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Is Poor English a Problem for Your Job?

Doing global business means you need to express yourself and communicate clearly with foreigners.

But having a conversation with advanced level English speakers can be frustrating.

It is sometimes hard to explain yourself properly during meetings, on the telephone or face-to-face situations. This can leave a bad impression.

10 Simple Tips That Will Help You Speak Business English Correctly

When you download my study guide PDF you will learn my TEN easy tips for communicating with confidence in Business English. Learn the correct way to express yourself in common situations.

Your boss, colleagues, and business partners will be impressed with your professional style.

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  • Taking and leaving telephone messages
  • Useful expressions for business meetings
  • Asking for information about a project
  • Negotiating a sale or a purchase
  • Opening a presentation
  • Introducing a colleague

And more ...

About Me

Hi. My name is Jack.
Welcome to my landing page!

I live in British Columbia, Canada.
I am passionate about helping people use English in their work and professional lives.

In winter I love to go snow boarding and in summer I often go hiking with my girlfriend.

My Qualifications

English Level: Native Speaker
Accent: North American
3 Years teaching with iTutor
Qualifications: TEFL Certificate
Education: Bachelor of Business Degree
Other: I've taught more than 30 private students from South America and Europe.


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